Artist, Researcher, Photographer and Teacher.

I work with watercolour, mixed media, alkyd, oil, acrylic paints and combinations of many types of media. My work is quite diverse, some pieces are quite conventional and ‘realistic’ others, more abstracted. I’m interested in exploring vibrant colours and textures both in the more realistic and abstracted work.

I am making a conscious decision to ‘lose’ the imagery in my latest latest work which embraces a mixture of colourful, textured shapes echoing natural forms. Many of the titles are inspired by events, or songs that I was listening to at the time of painting.

I have shown at The Patchings Art Centre in Nottingham with The Artist Magazine twice recently, and I’ve been lucky enough to win Peoples’ Choice vote on two occasions.

I am once again showing with the Southport Palette Club’s exhibition this year which will hopefully be back at the refurbished Atkinson Gallery in Southport this Autumn.

Your comments and enquiries are always welcome.

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