Wedding Work

I’ve been photographing people for many years now, and photography was a big part of my Art degree. I’ve learned with good old fashioned SLRs and the old black and white film, and have even done my own processing and printing. I’m now pretty much fully digital using 2 X Nikon D300s and Adobe Lightroom.

I love to photograph weddings, they are happy, joyous occasions, and a chance to dress up and have fun for all involved. Who wouldn’t want to share that with you?

Weddings offer a chance to be really creative and to make a special record of the day for everyone.

I offer a highly personal approach to photographing your wedding, working closely with you to plan and design what you want on the day. Good planning doesn’t mean being a slave to a plan, but it does mean that you can relax on the big day and enjoy the occasion.

I will be with you every step of the way, from the initial planning, with as many discussions as it takes, engagement (pre-wedding) shots, and the rehearsal all included.

Many brides feel more comfortable with a female photographer who is sympathetic to her needs.

I try to keep costs down to a minimum – I don’t do wedding fayres, and there are no expensive premises to fund. This means my prices tend to be competitive. I don’t skimp where it counts though, I use quality cameras and lenses.

You can have a full day, or just the ceremony. You can have formal groups shots, or candids, or both.

After the wedding, I’ll get your initial shots back to you for your perusal, and then design an album with your choices. After the album has been completed and paid for, all images are supplied on disk for you to keep. Images are processed in Adobe Lightroom with many creative touches available. I currently use Blurb albums which are very professional, modern and affordable.

If you have already got your wedding shots, and didn’t get round to making that album…. I do that too. Contact me if you want a quote.

Drop me a line and I’ll get back to you with no obligation.