Workshops & Classes

I do undertake various teaching activities from time to time, but at present I am committed to my Post Graduate studies and so must limit time spent on teaching. Do enquire, I may be able to fit you in. Bear in mind also that at present, I am working on abstracted work. I can and do paint ‘realistically’, but it isn’t what I choose to do right now.

I am keen to do talks at clubs and societies on art, painting, art history and so on. This can be very helpful and interesting when you are learning to paint. It can also make a pleasing change from the usual activities. I can combine this with practical activities also. I have my own digital slide projector and projection screen should you and your club be interested. (I would need a suitable space with electrical socket for this)

Workshops can be tailored to your requirements and can take place at your venue and can be ‘one-off’ or developed into a full course.

One to one tuition is also available, please enquire without obligation!

Charges can vary depending on location and preparation required. An initial diagnostic meeting can be arranged if you are curious about one to one tuition. This is charged at £30. Subsequent sessions would be charged at £30-45 depending on length of time required, preparation and materials. All charges are negotiable and this outline gives you an idea for your budget. It may suit some to have an intense lesson every three or four weeks rather than a weekly commitment.

Workshop Titles available

Confidence in mark making!

Playing with composition and layering to develop a strategy for painting

Abstract adventures!

Making use of observations, experiences, photographs, memories and the sheer pleasure of painting to create great pictures

Let go and develop your drawing!

Using outsize brushes and found implements, playing with size and scale to loosen up and build confidence in drawing

Using the surface to create great paintings!

Enrich the surface of your supports using gesso, collage and layering to maximise painting effects

Experiments with watercolour to enliven your work!

Mixing media and breaking the traditional rules of watercolour to enrich and set your painting alight!

Dynamic colour in painting

Understanding contrast and colour theory to make your choices work in painting

Making more of acrylic paint

Discover how using a variety of mediums that can change the nature of the paint can send your painting to new heights!

Adventures in mixed media painting

Combining household, found and chosen materials to create great art!

Dates and venues of scheduled classes to be confirmed.